Now Entering the 2WW!

January 15, 2008 at 4:43 pm (adoption, foster, homestudy) (, , )

Yippee! The Home Evaluation is over!!! To be honest, it seems odd to have it over, it didn’t last very long and I’ve spent so much time and effort getting ready. We won’t know until the 31st if the committee accepts us as adoptive parents. It seems ironic that even after all these years of fertility treatments, my path to parenthood will involve a never-ending 2 week wait. Maybe it seems more fitting than ironic, maybe both.

First, the social worker looked around our house, she made comments about where the kids would sleep and asked where we got all of our baby stuff. After that, we went to the table, and she had us build our “dream home” out of pieces of cardboard. I snuck a glance at what she wrote about the activity, and apparently she deduced from this that we are open to change and do not disagree with each other. Seriously though, who would have an all out fight with their spouse over a fake house in front of a social worker??? You have to wonder about the validity of some of these things. After that, F filled in some papers on intimacy that I had already done, and she was finished! She didn’t open any cupboards, or examine anything at all. She didn’t even have a coffee or biscuits – and I spent the time to learn how to make coffee too. *shrug*

One nice tidbit she didn’t have to let us know, but she said she’s going to recommend us for adoption (the committee still makes the choices)!!! I’ll take that over a triphasic chart any day!


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